Modeling and Rendering

In CADbox Studio we create digital models of any scale, from jewelry to a city master plan. Also you can send us your CAD model and we will render it for you. We help you to comunicate your design intentions through 3D visualizations.


Do you have a design idea? Let us help you to develope it. No matter if it is an object, a furniture or a building renovation, our design experts can take your idea to a whole new level.

Construction Drawings

Contact our CAD division and ask how our experienced draftmen can collaborate with your office preparing constructions documents. We also work with BIM building technology. Contact us for more information.


Industrial designers frequently needs a prototype to show their products. In CADbox we can create files for 3D printers, laser cutters and other CNC machines. Also we can create a 3D digital animation to demostrate your designer skills.

Graphic Design

Creatives you say? In our graphic design division our creatives can develope any graphic project from a logo design to billboards. We make web pages, flyers, presentation boards, signage, business cards and more.



Trust your business image to CADbox Studio's professionals. We design every distinguished element of your product like package, tags, bags and more. Also we can create a unique image for your business.

You have a project in progress ?

We can work with files in the most popular formats from AutoCAD, Revit and 3DS Max from Autodesk, Rhinoceros from McNeel, Google Sketchup and Adobe Creative Suite. Send us your project files so we can collaborate with you on your design.

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We are not affiliated in any way with Autodesk, Google, Adobe or Rhinoceros and their commercial names and products names are property of their owners.

Need more info?

Contact us and let us show you, with no obligation, how we can collaborate with your project to make it as good as it deserves to be. In CADbox Studio we are always at your service. (954) 225-2565