About Us

CADBox is a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to the highest quality in design and visualization. The scope of services is all encompassing because we believe in the interconnection of the design disciplines and the influence they bring to each other when exercised together. We collaborate with architects, industrial designers, developers, interior designers and marketing firms on commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Our experience represent the values of elegance, creativity and innovation from the very first concept exploration or schematic design. The goal of our professionals is to exceed the client's expectations from start to finish on every project.

Our quality designs and visualizations fully express your ideas, and help enhance communication, sales and marketing efforts. We explore all aspects of visual communication, allowing the concepts to take the main stage through our final product. We can help you better plan, design, sell or build your project, from branding and exhibitors, to 3D models and rendering of any scale and complexity.


 We look forward to serve you soon,

Christian A. Vélez